Posted by: heartfull | October 14, 2008

Recession? Depression? Hard to believe when ice cream costs $17.

I told the girls on Saturday that if they scored a goal during one of their soccer games, we would take them out for a banana split.  I felt it was a pretty safe assumption that I wouldn’t have to actually visit an ice cream parlor.

I was wrong.

Mare was picked to kick a penalty ball after a little girl from the other team forgot she wasn’t the goalie and tried to pick up the ball.  Keep in mind this is not the pre-select team.  Those girls would never make a fundamental mistake like that.  This was just the regular old CYC team that every Catholic in St. Louis grows up playing for.  If they happen to be a good player, they usually play select as well, but most kids don’t let their school/church team down by quitting – they just miss most of their CYC games since select takes precedent.  This of course makes for some rather erratic planning on the coaches part, but whatever.

I thought I was going to come out of my skin when I realized that the coach had picked Mare.  And the beauty of it was that it was a doozy of a kick, powerful, catching some air as it sailed into the goal.  We were thrilled – our kid needed that.  Mare just about floated off the field and didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day.

Bird didn’t score at her game, but she did put out a lot of effort.  This was amazing in and of itself because I spent 30 minutes prior to her game begging her to put on her uniform and get out there and play.  She didn’t want to because it was too hot and the field is too big this year.  I told her this was the last-year-EVER-so-help-me-God, but she needed to get her rear out there that day because her team was counting on her.  She finally did and played pretty hard in spite of the drama.

I was tired after the games and just wanted to get the promised ice cream and go home.  I couldn’t think of a nearby Dairy Queen, so we ended up at Oberweis.  We ordered a banana shake, a banana split and a scoop of vanilla in a chocolate dipped waffle cone.  The bill was $17 and some change.

Only in the US, people.



  1. It’s those Oberweis cows. They live in gilded splendor and receive Shiatsu massage and aroma therapy on a daily basis. That’s why the milk tastes so good…Right?

    The thing is, I think Oberweis is actually cheaper than Serendipity.

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