Posted by: heartfull | October 10, 2008


The long-awaited sofa arrived yesterday.

It is comfy and I’m happy, though it will take me a while to get used to the green-ness of it, since my other sofa was a nice, dingy shade of beige.  The bit of chair in the foreground is the reason we got a new sofa.  Here is what Chip did to the ottoman of our beloved reading chair:

Granted, the fabric was worn, developing microscopic holes.  But most people didn’t notice them.  Apparently, though, they were glaring at Chip.  Demanding his attention.  Virtually begging him to stick his fingers in them and pull.

So, we had to get a new sofa.  Yep.  As you can see, the couch and the chair look great together.  I call it eclectic.

In reality, we love this chair and want to get it reupholstered.  Which means I needed to get a new sofa first so I would know what color to go with on the upholstery job.  So I ordered the new sofa and then promptly forgot the color.  So for six weeks I have sat and looked at this butt-ugly monstrosity in my family room and felt my heart fill with panic as I realize that my new sofa is coming and I have not done anything about the chair.

The sofa arrived yesterday morning and I promptly three phone calls in the afternoon setting up appointments with upholsterers for quotes.  Except.  Ahem.  Except now that I see the new, smaller sofa in our family room, it is obvious that the chair is really too big for the space.

But it is comfy.

I’m struggling, people.  Part of me thinks I should reupholster just the ottoman and move the chair and ottoman down to the basement family room and allow myself to get a smaller, yet still comfortable, chair for this room and then get all crazy-like and get a coffee table, which we have never had in this room due to logistics.  A smaller chair, coupled with our new, smaller, sofa would allow this.  But then the other part of me (and John) doesn’t want to give up our big, lounge-y reading chair.

The estimate from the re upholsterers will probably make our decision for us.


Mare walked in the living room last night after a playdate and soccer practice and saw the sofa for the first time.  Her reaction?

“Ohhhh – it’s Greenilious!”



  1. I am all about comfort when it comes to furniture. Curling up with a good book in a comfy chair? Priceless….

    Greenilious? LOL

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