Posted by: heartfull | October 6, 2008

Random Stuff

I scored totally awesome, cheap shoes this week.

These are pitch black suede, super duper soft and comfortable and were only $25 at Target.  I’m wearing them right now.  Girlfriends, they are like slippers.  I might go back and get the green ones.


A whole weekend free of restaurant food for our kids!  Yay because a) it isn’t good for them, b) the act of taking three kids, one of whom is three, to a restaurant is pretty darned tortuous and c) paying for them to eat out is pretty darned expensive.

Of course, our lack of restaurant food for the kids was necessitated by the visit John and I paid to Robust on Friday night with our friends.  This evening out negates the c) of my “Yay” reasons for not eating out with the kids. Except that a) and b) make c) feel like a waste whereas money spent of food isn’t a waste, ever, if it is an adult evening out, right?

Going out with friends always seems to involve these fun, hip eateries that cost large amounts of money.  Large amounts of tasty money, but nevertheless, large amounts.  Add the babysitter on top and, well, we couldn’t afford to go out again.  But seriously, I think our priorities are straight on that one.


John and I were awoken this morning by coyotes.  That is creepy.  And when I got up to shower this morning, I was *not* greeted by the usual tappity-tap-tap of my dog’s toenails as she danced around letting me know she needed to get outside – now.  Apparently, she heard the coyotes as well.  Smart dog.


I made Smitten Kitchen’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Sunday for my sister’s birthday.  It was one of the easiest scratch cakes I have ever made and holy-moly it was the best.  Seriously good stuff.

Of course, by easiest, I’m not saying quick.  We’re talking three hours of work with little 20 minute gaps here and there that I filled in by cleaning the refrigerator, doing dishes and working on my crossword puzzle.  The end product, though, was totally worth it and so pretty.  Mine really did look like hers (though a little lopsided – but I don’t think my family noticed.)



  1. The cake was awesome. I still think I could make it. I may try one of these days.

    Robust and the company amounted to a great time but I wish we could do it without a babysitter. I could have almost bought an iPhone for our total costs that night.

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