Posted by: heartfull | September 30, 2008

running right

I hooked up with a woman through Girls Gotta Move a couple weeks ago.  Laura has turned out to be a really great running partner.  We only meet up on Tuesdays, but I love the motivation.

I didn’t think I wanted to run tonight.  In fact, I’ve been rather apathetic for most of this fall, and my half marathon is just a little over a month away.  When I’m with my pace team on Saturday mornings, I get all fired up.  But getting motivated to run during the week has been tough.  We’ve got some things going on around the Heartfull household that just seem more important, and running is so very much all about “me”.  It cuts into the time I have – if I’m running, I’m not cleaning, sleeping, doing laundry, reading to the kids, reading for me, getting PTO or Girl Scout stuff done, talking with my husband…

I was meeting Laura at 8:15 tonight so I headed out the door at 8:00, early enough to stretch a little before she got there.  As soon as I started, I felt good.  Really good.  Strong and relaxed.  I’ve hit the point where running is effortless and I truly feel, once I get off my butt and just do it, that I could go forever.  I met Laura and took her on what I thought was a four mile course.  I figured with the half mile or so I run to get to our meeting spot I would be going just under 5 miles.  I knew I was off when I didn’t get home until 9:15.  I just got done mapping it out and my course ended up being 6.25 miles.  Awesome.

Last Saturday I ran 9 miles with my Pace Team, next Saturday is 7 and the following is 11.  You know you are doing something right when you start looking forward to those distances.


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