Posted by: heartfull | September 11, 2008


Dear Bird,

As of the 9th, you are 9 years old.  It is so hard for me to believe it.  When I think about this past year, I realize how much you have changed and how quickly you are becoming your own person.  The year was filled with ups and downs for you.  Lots and lots of  ups, though.

You continue to be an excellent student.  It is a joy to read your report card and your teachers’ coments.  They love having you because you are a good student, a leader, make good choices and work hard.  Your favorite subject is reading and according to your teacher you tested “off the charts” for reading comprehension and you were placed in the highest book club in your class.  Yay!  All those nights of me reading more difficult books to you and Mare seem to have payed off.  This summer you were often seen at the pool with a book in your hands, curled up on a pool lounge.  Plus, it makes taking you along with me to Mare’s activities easy – as long as I remember to bring a book, you don’t complain about having to wait.

Your least favorite subject, you tell me, is math.  I don’t know if you really dislike it that much, though, because you are doing well.  You have your first test this Friday, so we’ll know more after that.  But your teacher is very positive about your performance so far.

Your best friend this year seems to be Olivia.  I’m happy about this as I think you couldn’t have picked a better friend.  She seems sweet, respectful and her mom and dad are very nice people.  I can only hope that I continue to love your friends this much!

Your behavior at school continues to be good.  None of your “pawprints” have been moved yet in third grade.  Honestly, I don’t expect that  any of yours every will – but you continue to insist that *everyone* has a pawprint moved at least once or twice during the year.  So it may happen, and if acknowledging that it is inevitable relieves some stress for you, I am fine.  And if a pawprint were to get moved (I imagine it would be for a bout of giggling with Olivia…) I would be stern and yet understanding.

Most importantly, your behavior at home has been magical this school year.  Second grade was rough for you at home.  The whole family walked on eggshells, trying to avoid setting you off.  Every so often the “old” Bird would be back, and so I knew she was in there, but most of the time you were moody, smart-aleky and hateful.  Not at school, but at home.  And then, school let out and this summer was wonderful.  And I began to think seriously about homeschooling you because I knew I could not take another year like 2nd grade.  But so far, you have stayed pleasant.  Yeah – you have your off days – but they are the exception as opposed to the rule.

Besides school, you are involved in a variety of activities.  I love watching you grow through them!

You continue to love piano.  I don’t have to beg you to practice.  Not that you do it without prodding, but you accept the duty.  Your knowledge of chords and scales is impressive – I don’t think I ever truly understood these things, even after 7 years of lessons.  You pick up on the pieces easily and usually do well on “solo” nights.

Last spring’s dace recital really fueled your interest in dance.  I think it showed you why you were doing what you were doing in class.  That there was an end result and it was fun.

While you don’t usually want to go to soccer practice, you sure do have a blast while there, and you are jazzed when it is over.  You are a lot more aggressive on the field this year and you like your teamates.  Hopefully your team will win more than one game this year.

Swim team this summer was a huge hit.  You loved it and did quite well.  You were the very oldest in your age group, so winning a lot had a lot to do with your love of the sport.  If you do well again this coming year, or if you continue to like it no matter what, I will probably look into a year-round swim team for you to join.  While I have no experience with this sport, your dad and his family have always been excellent swimmers, so you may have inherited their abilities.

When I think about how quickly the past 9 years have gone by, it makes me realize that the next 9 might go as quickly.  And then you will be 18.  Oh dear.  That makes me sad, so I won’t dwell on it.  What I will dwell on is enjoying every minute that I get to spend with you because it makes me so happy to witness and be a part of what you are becoming.

I love you!



  1. What a wonderful girl! Great letter…. I hope her year continues to go well.

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