Posted by: heartfull | September 9, 2008

He really wowed them. Or alternatively, “Blah Blah Blah, My Kid is Great”

Yeah.  So this might be really boring because all those three- year-old’s out there?  They are all great, and I totally get that.  But what can I say?  I don’t want to forget this stuff…

We went to our friends’ (Dave and Kort) home on Saturday evening for dinner.  Four families and they all left with a better understanding of the saga of My Life With Chip.  Secretly?  I think they were envious.  Ha!  Just joking.  Chip’s the kind of kid that makes other people wonder how his parents avoid the asylum but who, in actuality, is incredibly charming and loving and a little bit, um, active.  Yeah – just a bit.

Please understand, Chip is incredibly social and engaging and just so darned cute that his momma loves the heck out of him.  I want to hug and kiss and snuggle him endlessly – and he is the kind of kid who loves a good snuggle with arms that hold on tight to my neck and a head, he told me yesterday, that “fits just right under mommy’s chin when I is tired.”  Because of this adorableness,  I can’t help but laugh at his antics, sometimes.  And other times, those antics are more than I can take and he is banished to dad’s care if dad is home and yelled at if dad isn’t.  Bad mom.  Saturday night was a mixture of both (sans yelling because dad was there and, um, we were around other people who I wouldn’t want to know that I yell.  Sometimes.  Just like you.  But not them!  Oh no – I can’t let IRL people know I yell.  Sometimes.  Rarely.  Fine – a lot.)

We walk in the door and he is brimming with energy.  The whole house was a mystery he was determined to solve and he had approximately four hours to do it in.   He got started right away by finding the one un-locked door and proceeding to head out to the pool.  By himself.

John and the other guys were watching a football game and I had foisted responsibility for Chip to John, so he was in the family room with them.  Dave was amazed just watching the kid.  Chip would be doing one thing and, Dave noted, if he  looked away just a moment, Chip would be in a completely different place doing something completely unrelated when Dave looked back.  Usually this involved scaling a bookcase or climbing onto a cabinet.  John and I forget that this isn’t the case with most kids.  Like Chip’s sisters who at this age were sitting and playing Little People or “reading” their books for hours (or maybe it was just 30 minutes – but man I would love 30 minutes some afternoons.  It would feel like hours.)

Later, I was sitting at the dining room table with my three friends and two of them startled and told me, in an amazed voice, that Chip just did a near-perfect cartwheel.  We all turned to watch (which he loved – made him show off which actually decreased the quality of the cartwheel) and his cartwheel was more of a sideways handspring since he is basically throwing himself over.  But it *did* look really good.  I have since tried to get him to repeat this and he hasn’t done it as well, though he is totally willing to throw himself around.  Rather than signing him up for the Chinese Olympic training camp for three year olds, I’ll assume that Chip’s acrobatics have more to do with coordination, energy and fearlessness as opposed to innate gymnastic skill.

I had a great time – it is always fun to get together with friends.  And yeah, I spent a lot of the time pulling Chip off ledges, stools, bannisters, etc…  But man am I proud of him.



  1. Now I know why he was doing cart wheels on the bed last night when I was trying to get him ready to go to sleep. I’m pretty amazed at his sense of humor. He was jumping on me the other day and said “One little monkey, jumping on the DAD!”. He came up with that all by himself.

  2. It must be the three year old boy thing! My boy is just as active and crazy! And, yes, irritating at times! LOL

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