Posted by: heartfull | July 18, 2008

I’m in love

I know I’m the last person in the blogosphere  to “discover” her, but I’m in l-o-v-e with The Pioneer Woman. Dang that woman is funny!

I really think I would like living on a farm.  Well, I emphasize that word “think” because there are some parts that I probably wouldn’t like.  But overall?  I would like the good parts enough to outweigh the bad parts.

Things I would like:

  1. The work, while hard, just looks so satisfying.  Sure, my suburban home needs some hands-on maintenance.  But cleaning out the gutters doesn’t have the same appeal as harvesting, baling and storing hay.
  2. I could have a garden.  I could can its bounty.  This appeals to me.  Sure, I could have a garden in that itty-bit of sunny yard I have on the east corner of my 1/3 acre.  But it just isn’t the same.  Sure, I could can what comes out of said garden.  Or can what I buy currently at the farmer’s market.  But when would I have the time?  Which leads me to…
  3. There is a lot that needs to be done on a farm and generally, farms are remote.  That means the kids are busy but not with their activities.  And right now?  This mom is sick of her kids’ activities directing her life.
  4. The lack of directed activities and the wide open spaces.  Those just epitomize childhood to me.  Not that I grew up with that.  I grew up with a lack of directed activities and a suburban neighborhood.  Even so, it wasn’t so bad. I’m catching a theme to my post here.  Anyone get the feeling I’m sick of driving the minivan around town to various dance/piano/gymnastic events?
  5. I could have a cow and fresh milk.  Ditto for chickens and their eggs.

Things I would not like:

  1. Remoteness.  I like being close in to things (though that is probably because I live this life and not my dream-farm life.)  For example, it is nice having a grocery store within a mile of my house.  Because I’m a poor planner, natch.
  2. The dirt.  I’m not a clean freak.  But a friend of mine, who’s husband raises cattle, has told me the dirt created by muddy boots is constant.  Have I ever mentioned that I don’t like mopping?

I went through a phase a couple years back where I wanted to move to a more rural area – not out of St. Louis, but far enough out that we could do the cow/chicken/garden thing while John commutes.  In reality, that was as much of a dream as moving to a ranch and living Pioneer Woman’s life.

So, I’ll continue to read Pioneer Woman, enjoying the pictures of her daily life.  I’ll continue to try her recipes, buying my produce at the grocery store instead of the garden out back.  And I’ll continue to dream about an alternative life all the while thanking the heavens for the absolute wonderfulness of my current life.



  1. I’d like owning a tractor….a BIG tractor.

  2. You are right-on with the pros and cons. We still own our 17 acre horse and dairy goat farm… and considering moving back. I miss gardening, the animals, meaningful chores for the kids…
    But the dirt, oh the dirt!

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