Posted by: heartfull | July 16, 2008

on a roll

I haven’t actually done anything about buying a sofa. John asks me daily whether I ordered it. And I’m all “Excuses, excuses, excuses…” I was going to go over to Thomasville Monday night and just do it but then my dad wanted to go out for ice cream. And hello? Like that is a hard decision – drive to the store and make angst-ridden decisions or go eat a brownie fudge swirl cone?

Bird asked on Monday whether I would teach her how to sew. We looked through patterns I had and found a super-easy one for a skirt. On Tuesday we headed over to the fabric store and I let her pick out a yard of cotton and I finally got around to buying the fabric I had picked out about a month ago for new roman shades for my bedroom.

Oh, yeah. I haven’t mentioned the roman shades. Or the bedroom windows. This might be because I find it a wee bit embarrassing that I have lived with paper Redi-Shades on my windows for over three years. That would be a 3 followed by the word y-e-a-r-s. And why? Maybe some of it is because I couldn’t afford to buy the shades I want and I didn’t think I had the time to make new shades. But much of it is because I’m an indecisive boob who would rather live with paper shades for three years than make a freaking decision about fabric.

Ahem. So.

I made the skirt with Bird yesterday afternoon, and managed to only yell at her a couple of times. Later she told me that she had a lot of fun making the skirt with me because she was just going to ignore the yelling. Ha! That’s me; mom-o’-the-year if you employ your selective memory skills.

Last night, after walking with my friend (we have been walking almost every night lately!) I got to work on the first shade and I’m pretty excited. I think they are going to be a big improvement. Of course, the competition isn’t too stiff.



  1. I taught my daughter and her friend to sew a couple of years ago, when they were 11. They just make pillows and blankets, but they have a great time at it.

    If she ever wants to learning how to sew clothes, I’m sending her to Nana in Minnesota who is a phenomenal seamstress.

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