Posted by: heartfull | July 14, 2008

Sofa Angst

We need a new sofa. Ours is grungy (I’ve had it cleaned to no avail), saggy and worn. Sadly, I could live with the sofa for a while longer, except for the chair sitting next to it. It? It is much worse off. Chip found the itty-bitty holes that had started to form in the fabric and like any good two year old, he stuck his fingers in them and pulled. Now they are gaping holes that the cushion pops out of. Very attractive.

This is the kind of pressure I don’t enjoy. While others might find this exciting, I become bogged down by the details. I love me a nicely decorated home. I read magazines and even buy books on how to do it. And yet – I can’t. I’m overwhelmed by it all. This has taken the form of an under-decorated house because I would rather err on the side of caution than make a whopping mistake.

Sofa shopping is the epitome of this angst. The sofa anchors the room. It is a major purchase. The arm/cushion pillow/fabric options are overwhelming. Or alternatively underwhelming if my mind has an idea and not one fabric sample of the hundreds in the store fits the picture in my brain.

I’m convinced the salespeople think I’m a freak. I seriously spend hours in the store looking at fabric. It is ridiculous.

So, green. We have decided we want a green sofa. Mostly because we can’t have white (see reference to two year old above and add his sisters in if you want to even more reasons) and beige is so, well, beige.

I though I wanted an olive-y color until the open house yesterday. I stop in at open houses quite often since you never know what you’ll find. And this one was amazing. The house was a very small non-descript looking home on a quiet cul-de-sac near my own street. But walking through the door you immediately realize that this home owner (she was an artist, natch) has it going on. It was amazing. Beautiful kitchen. Lovely paint in every room. Gorgeous decorating in a style that I wouldn’t have thought was “me” but which I’m now thinking might be me if only this woman would come over and help me achieve it. And then I noticed the sofa. The green sofa. The fir-hued green sofa. It was perfect.

So, for the fourth time, I’m headed back to the furniture store because I have seen what I want. And yet, something tells me I will second guess myself and, once again, spend hours in the store and come home with nothing.




  1. I, too, am mired in decorating angst, but only because my husband keeps ruining all my plans.

    I have pined for this green sofa for nearly a year:

    But, like you, I’m really reluctant to buy anything new and nice because I don’t want to be sad when the kids inevitably destroy it.

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