Posted by: heartfull | July 8, 2008

The Goblet of … Despair

We are nearing the end of the The Goblet of Fire and it is rough.  Cedric died yesterday afternoon and poor Mare was in tears for about a half hour afterwards.  Bird was all “What’s the big deal – its just a book and it’s not like it was Hermione or Ron or something (ha! Bird – wait until Book 6!)” but Mare wasn’t having anything to do with that line of thought.  She liked Cedric.  He was nice.  He wasn’t a bad guy.

I told her she had to remember that it is just a book.  Witches and wizards and magic and broomsticks aren’t real – none of this could ever happen.

“Yeah, mom, but killing is real and that could happen!”

All I could do was hug her.


We read more between races at the swim meet last night.  Bird could not wait.  She brought me the book every chance she could and we squeezed a few pages in before she or Mare had to head to the bullpen for events.  I was surprised she stuck with it since we were at the part where Voldemort goes on and on about how he rose to power after his destruction.  His speech has important information that answers questions and ties the past three years together quite nicely.  But – he is long winded.  Still, they listened intently and asked the kind of questions that led me to believe they get it.


Getting it, though, is also a function of my prodding.  I routinely stop reading to remind them of something.  When Harry and Cedric touched the goblet and Rowling described the what happened next, I stopped and asked them (mostly Bird) what that reminded them of.  It took Bird a while but she realized it was a portkey long before I did when I read it the first time.  We went back and read the description of Harry and the Weasleys using the portkey to get to the Quidditch World Cup.

Sometimes I wonder if this prodding enhances the experience for them.  Maybe the confusion is part of the magic…


We’ll finish it today, I’m sure.  Now the question is, will we continue on to Book 5?  I waited quite a while before starting  Book 4 because I knew it was the start of a darker side of the series, one which I wasn’t sure whether they were ready for.  I don’t know if Mare is, and yet I don’t know if I will be able to get Bird to stop begging me for more.  They are so in to it, but especially Bird.  And, uh, I love reading the series to them as much as they love listening.  But still, I could refuse.

I could.


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