Posted by: heartfull | June 30, 2008


Chip loves Star Wars. Whether or not this is an appropriate movie for a two year old is beside the point, I’ve been told. John loves it too, and that is what counts. Right?

And yeah, I am SO eating my words right now. I am well aware that I have been complaining all over the place about Chip turning everything into a gun. I lamented about how he doesn’t watch anything but PBS, so how could he even know what a gun is? Like, it must be those other boys from the pool!

Karma sucks.

So, John and I are messaging today:

Sara: What did you rent at Blockbuster?

John: Chip and I watched Star Wars. He loves it.

Sara: Uh… (thinking WTF?)

John: (unaware of his wife’s stupor over his choice of viewing material for her baby boy…) There’s this part where a bounty hunter tries to assasinate Princess Amidala by letting poisonous millipedes into her room.

Sara: … (again thinking WTF?)

John: Chip looks at me and says….That’s gerstusting!



  1. For the record, Chip started turning bagels into guns with no assistance from me. However, since he has already demonstrated a proclivity for such things, I figured Star Wars wouldn’t do any more damage.

  2. LOL LOL LOL…. boys will be boys. ANd they will be gerstusting as well! LOL

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