Posted by: heartfull | June 23, 2008


That is what I have spent the last year doing.  Waiting for Chip to start that magical thing called pretend play.  It hasn’t happened and, seeing as he is about to turn three, I’m wondering if it ever will.  I’ve posted about this before, right?

Starting at 18 months, Bird and Mare both started sitting down for increasingly lengthy sessions of pretend, usually involving Little People the first year and eventually evolving to more sophisticated props such as stuffed animals, paper dolls and, of course, Polly Pockets.

At almost three, the only type of pretend Chip does is turning every longish type thing we have in the house into a gun and shooting us.  Off the top of my head, I recall him turning a half-eaten bagel, a flash light and his foot into a gun.  If they aren’t guns, then they are beating sticks which he uses to dent things like my refrigerator, the wall and, at times, peoples’ heads.  Other than that, he has no interest in pretend.  For the most part, I should add.  Sure, there are times when he’ll make something talk to something else.  Briefly.  It never lasts for more than a minute and it usually requires a participant (like mom).  At this age, the girls were happily occupying themselves with the world of Little People for hours.

The result is that I haven’t scrap booked in at least a year.  Plus, every thing I do around the house involves my little helper who still believes that he, and only he, should be responsible for the Tide going into the washing machine.

Then again, having my little guy around me all the time isn’t so bad.  When I get a smile like this:

I think, man, woman you need to just relax a little and enjoy this time.



  1. They are so much fun and yet so tiring! LOL Have you tried a train set? My 2 1/2 year old will play trains for hours. Thats a big relief!

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