Posted by: heartfull | June 19, 2008

Dad’s Best Day Ever

As we were going to bed on Sunday, John told me that it had been the best Father’s Day ever.

Yeah, he was right.

I kicked it off by making baked french toast and bacon for breakfast. Due to a party I went to at the pool the night before (which involved many adult beverages and where, amazingly enough, I managed to not put my foot in my mouth, even once), I had not prepared the french toast the night before so it was a little crusty but still good.

After breakfast, we decided to take a bike ride. We thought it would be fun to ride to the farmer’s market, though it is a pretty good distance to bike for the kids. Bird was in a crappy mood from having stayed up too late on Friday and Saturday nights, but the bribe of a shaved ice kept her going. Mare, too, was in tears a couple times. She is riding great, but is still scared easily by near-miss-falls.

When we got there, we had 30 minutes to wait until Tropical Moose opened, so we sat under the pergola and relaxed while the kids explored. I bought a pint of strawberries to eat while we waited; good stuff.

At noon, we got our shaved ices – something I haven’t had in years – and we had a great time slurping them up, tasting each other’s selections and attempting to avoid ice headaches. With a lot of sugar in our system, we rode back home in much better spirits. We stopped at one of our favorite parks on the way home and let the kids play for a while.

Everyone was exhausted after the ride, so we hung around the house in the afternoon. The lawn needed to be mowed, but I didn’t say anything. Since it was Father’s Day and all.

My parents were taking everyone to their club for dinner at 5:30, so we headed to their house at 4:30 to give my dad his gifts. The kids love going to the grandma’s house; it warms my soul as I never had that growing up.

Dinner was so incredibly awesome. The club set out a salad bar buffet that had the most amazing choices. For dinner, my sister ordered Tuna Steak, but the rest of the adults had turf. It was quite possibly the best beef I have ever had.

After dinner we all jumped in golf carts and drove around the course, which was beautiful. Chip rode between my mom and I, John let Bird drive their cart and Mare steered while my dad manned the gas/brake and kept an eye on her steering. The evening was cool, making the ride very pleasant. We stopped at the ponds to look for frogs and turtles. John threw a rock in and splattered Chip and I with algae. Ahem. I explained the game of golf to Chip and he wanted to *see* the cup that the ball goes into, so we stopped at several greens. He took the flag out of the cup and got down on his hands and knees to examine the set up.

On the way home from the Club, we stopped off at Lone Elk Park where we saw all the animals you hope to see when you visit: bucks and does, elk, bison and, the kids pointed out, squirrels. Don’t forget the squirrels, mom.

Hmmm. Yeah, honey, it was a good day. You deserve it.

I love you.


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