Posted by: heartfull | June 13, 2008

The Recital

Bird’s dance recital was last night – the last of the lingering commitments.  Not that we don’t have anywhere to be this summer, but they are summer commitments – swim team, camp, etc.  This was a leftover from the school year and I’m glad to close that book, finally.

Bird was beyond thrilled with the whole thing.  It really galvanized her enthusiasm for dance so that now she is actually looking forward to the Nutcracker Camp I signed her up for.  This is good.  I don’t like wasting my money.

I was frazzled getting her there.  First off, I couldn’t find the tickets.  Screw it, I thought, I’m going and they will let all five of us in because I’ll through a hissy if they don’t they know I’m honest (they did.)  On the way there, I actually drove two miles past the exit on the highway before realizing it.  An exit I take all the time I might add.  We turned around, got to the venue and raced upstairs (running a little behind due to the frantic search for the tickets and slight detour on the highway) and I threw her costume on her, touched up her makeup, gave her a hug and kiss, grabbed Chip and Mare’s hands and ran downstairs to get decent seats and wait for John and my parents to arrive.

Remember that tornado reference I made a post or two back?  Perfect description.

In retrospect, I should have let Mare and Chip ride with the grandparents.  Heck, for that matter, I should have hired a babysitter.

The show started at 6:00.  We didn’t get out until 9:00.  And amazingly enough, Chip sat, fairly well, through the whole thing.  Yeah – he wiggled, he danced, he kicked some seats.  And we broke the no-eating-in-the-auditorium rule big time (I actually had a lunch box filled with summer sausage, cheese, bread, grapes and bottled water and a purse stuffed with a bag of Cheese Its.)  But for the most part, Chip did a great job.

But still.  Next year?  I’ll hire a babysitter.


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