Posted by: heartfull | June 6, 2008

Summer Goodness

Summer:  It does a girl good.

Bird has been incredible this week.  Playing non-stop with Mare, ever patient and inclusive.  No surliness, no yelling, no hitting. Bird and Mare held hands as we walked to our friends’ house for dinner the other night.  She spent an hour “teaching” Mare how to be an artist.  She is on the third Chronicals of Narnia book and can’t wait to delve into it whenever we have downtime.  Or not – she carries the book everywhere, enjoying it at the pool, in the car, at the store.  She takes showers with relatively little protest.  When Bird saw that Mare was struggling with backstroke at swim team practice the other day, she swam over and supported her back and encouraged her to finish the pool length.  She has been practicing piano – happily! – every morning.  The list goes on…

And yet, she told me the other night that she misses her teacher and school. Hmm – that’s nice, but I don’t.



  1. I love it when the kids are getting along and everything is just right. It never seems to last long enough. Maybe when my boys are older. Enjoy it while you can! LOL

  2. […] has been so much better since school let out.  She is, truly, a different child.  And yet, she still has her moments, with Mare bearing the brunt of those […]

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