Posted by: heartfull | May 23, 2008

the BIG day

Today is the day.  The day we moms find out who our kiddos have for a teacher next year.  And I, for one, have been pulling my hair out worrying about it for the past two months.  When I mention it to the girls, they are just like, what ever mom.  I’m sure in a couple years they will care as much as I do, but for now, they are too busy thinking about tomorrow, not next year.

My anxiety really started to build about  a month ago when parents were invited to write letters to the school.  If you choose to write a letter, I don’t know what you would put in it, because honestly, if you don’t think your child’s current teacher knows him or her after an entire scholastic year, than perhaps you are in the wrong district.  The memo the principal sent home says you can fill this letter with information about your child but you can’t request or decline a certain teacher.  I thought I had no reason to write a letter.  But!  I found out at book club that apparently I’m the only mother who didn’t.  Which gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, let me just tell you.  If my kids end up being taught by the custodian, you’ll know why.

Our district, I have been told, puts a lot more thought into who goes where than most districts.  My friend, whose son was in a huge district in San Antonio prior to moving here, said that at that school it was a random placement and you found out where to show up a couple days before school started.  With 10 classes per grade, it was almost guaranteed you would not know anyone in your class.

Here, we like to really draw out the process.  I have been told that when the teachers meet (each grade level plans where their students are going for the next year), they hand-pick each class.  They consider personalities of students vs. teachers.  They discuss friendships and conflicts.  And of course, they consider race and disabilities.

While I didn’t write a letter, I did give Bird’s teacher a couple names of girls she gets along with so that we can foster friendships.  This is the first year I did this – up until now I have figured she would get along with whoever she has in class and of course, if she was close to someone, they would be kept together.  I was stunned last year, though, when she was not put in a class with her best friend (her 1st grade teacher was on maternity leave for the last 2 months of school and thus, the other two teachers made all the decisions.  In retrospect, a letter was called for in that case.  My bad.)  I’m hoping that she is placed with at least two of the three girls she really likes.  I do not have strong feelings about any of the teachers for 3rd grade, though, and Bird is an excellently behaved student, so when I open the letter this afternoon, it won’t be to see whose class she is in, it will be to find that out and then immediately call other moms to see who else is in her class.

I talked to Mare’s teacher as well, but in that case it was more to let her know I was counting on her to make a great choice for Mare.  I love all the first grade teachers, so once again that doesn’t matter as much as which friends she is placed with.  At Mare’s age, though, I’m really not worried about friendships as it is still pretty easy for her.


Today also happens to be Field Day, which is what my kids are most excited about.  Mare could not fall asleep and came in my room complaining of her insomnia at least three times last night.  I think the last time was at 11:00 pm, sigh.  I’m hoping for good weather – a bright, sunny day makes the whole thing so much more fun.


Chip has been walking around shooting things lately.  Yesterday it was a mostly-eaten bagel that he thought ended up looking like a pistol.  So he made popping noises as he shot me.  Um.  Do they have guns on Clifford?  Sesame Street?  Super Why?  Curious George?  Because those are a the only shows he sees and yet somehow he knows not only that he can shoot things, but that things “die” afterwards.

“shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot”

“your dead”

This is distressing, to say the least, for his mother.  I know form having talked with other moms that boys just do this.  But, quite honestly, I would have thought he would have had to at least have seen some TV to be introduced to it.  Something besides Word World.  Then again, he loves the arcade at CiCi’s.  And there isn’t anything PBS-like about some of those games.  I guess they just soak it up.


There was another little boy at Bird’s dance last night.  He was about the same age as Chip and Chip was in heaven.  They played with Chip’s truck and had a great time.  I tried to get Chip to sit down by me at one point so he wouldn’t be disturbing the dancers and he would have nothing to do with that.  He wanted to sit “by that boy!”



  1. Wow! When my DD was in lower grades, we were lucky enough to be in a very small school and there was no choice of teachers. But, I ‘ve never heard of any school going to such lengths with class planning! Good for them! I think it is a very good idea to consider personalities and conflicts when deciding placement.

    Good luck!

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