Posted by: heartfull | May 21, 2008

Random Thoughts

Chip played a hilarious game the other day. I was laying on my bed with him when he decided to put the Little Tikes plastic chair on the bed with us. Then he named it “Banjo-Banjo” and started talking to it and asking it questions. He had a whole little conversation with Banjo-Banjo and insisted I participate. Eventually, he turned it upside down and and played the four legs like they were drums.

We went to the library and yesterday and the girls got their own library cards. They were so excited. Mare got about 6 books – she wanted all picture books and we found some really cool ones. Bird got four, though she had already finished the two Amber Brown books by bedtime and didn’t like the other two I had picked out for her. I caught hell for having had the audacity to pick out two books for her that she didn’t like and got no credit for having found the Amber Brown section (she knew she liked those…)

Chip and I had to do some shopping yesterday and he informed me that “my tummy HUNGRY mom!” and then “Are you hungry? I thirsty too.” We stopped in at Einsteins at about 1:00 for some lunch for me. I got him a cookie and water since he had eaten earlier. Though he was squirmy and climby, he was doing pretty well and the older couple at the table next to us were charmed. The woman, though, had the audacity to ask me if the cookie was his lunch. Uh, yeah, lady. And I thought I would give him a Krispy Kreme for dinner later on.

Bird has decided she wants to play soccer next fall. And now I’m stressing about the fact that we aren’t also playing volleyball – because girls start volleyball in 3rd grade. And, dang it, I think Bird would like volleyball more than soccer but she won’t pick it at this stage because she doesn’t know what volleyball is. But it is inside where there are no bees and it isn’t too hot or cold. And I found out last night that soccer games are on Saturday and volleyball games are on Sunday, so many parents do both. But not us, right?

I found out that about 22% of kids in my school district qualify for the gifted program. When I am at PTO functions and book club, I feel like it is 99%, with the 1% comprised of my kid and that other one known for picking his nose. Honestly, I tell myself that it must just be the parents of the gifted students are more involved, but it is hard not to let it get me down.

There has been some bullying in one of the second grade classes this year (ha! probably by those gifted students.) Mare, whose Kindergarten class takes PE with this 2nd grade class, told me a group of 2nd graders told her to call “Ellen” “The Devil”and run away from her (though Mare also said that Ellen doesn’t even know it is happening, so I think the bullying is just whispers right now. Apparently 2nd graders don’t have it in them to be bold yet.) Thankfully Mare said she wouldn’t do it because “I like Ellen!” I called the PE teachers and told them what I knew and they thanked me and said that there has been a bullying problem with this class this year. Thankfully, it seems to be only happening in this class and not Bird’s, but next year those girls will be mixed up and it could spread. For the record, Ellen is different – I could see that just watching her interacting with the Brownie Troop. But still. I plan to cut ties between Bird and the girls who are doing this. I know I’m probably over reacting – I’m just not ready to watch my kids loose their innocence or get caught up with mean girls.

The pool opens this weekend. Whoo-hoo. Plus, swim team sign ups are on Thursday and we start practice next week. Hm. Ya think it is possible to loose the 15 lbs I gained this winter in a week? Oh yeah? Well I’ll take that as a challenge!

Because really, I need a challenge, people. I just keep gaining and gaining…


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