Posted by: heartfull | May 14, 2008

Ants like to be clean too.

It must be spring, because the invasion has begun. In our house, the ants like to come in either the kitchen window or the bathroom window, which is located in the shower stall. This year they started with the bathroom. When I took a shower two days ago, I saw a couple and thought that I should get an ant bait out and nip it in the bud. But I didn’t.

When I took a shower yesterday morning, I saw more ants and, once again thought that really, I need to get th e bait out right away because otherwise the kids are going to see them and freak out about using the shower stall because, you know, those ants are so scary.

Fast forward 14 hours to Bridget’s bath time. She saw the ants. She did not like bathing with the ants. I tried to joke with her about the ants feeling less than fresh – but she failed to see the humor. Overall, the shower was a fiasco, but the good news is it motivated me to actually put the ant bait out. And when I got up this morning, there was an ant party going on in the stall – obviously they had found the bait and were very busy collecting it and carrying it back to their village. Which means we will be ant-free for Bridget’s next shower. Whoo-hoo!


Due to someone’s resignation, I inherited a laser printer to put on my desk. Man, I didn’t know what a pain it was to have to walk to the reception area to get my print outs all these years. I press print and poof! There it is, right next to me. And I didn’t have to walk the 30 feet to the main printer!

I feel my butt growing bigger already due to the resulting lack of activity.


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