Posted by: heartfull | May 6, 2008

Reading Next

Last week I visited a local mall that is getting ready to close for a make over. It has the only Sears in the area, and I needed to return some Lands End stuff (and didn’t want to pay return postage) so Chip and I hoofed it on over there. We ended up walking through the mall and happened upon a Walden Books that was clearing out everything and had all books on sale for 40% off.

I never need new books as my best friend and her sister read voraciously and pass trash bags full of books on to me. I could never keep up and thus have more books stacked all over my basement than I will ever be able to read. So, I headed straight for the children’s section.

I picked out about six books for the girls including James and the Giant Peach and two Katie Kazoo books. The best, though, was another Kate DiCamillo book. The girls absolutely loved her last book we read, The Tale of Despereaux. In fact, they liked it almost as much as their mother.

Mare was begging me last night to start The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, but it was piano lesson night and then, when we got home, our neighbor was riding around on a Segway and we all stood outside and watched for a half hour. So, sadly there was no time for reading, though I’m looking forward to reading it so much that I briefly considered reading the first chapter, even though it was already 8:45 when I finally got them in bed.


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