Posted by: heartfull | May 1, 2008


Bird had a Blessing Cup ceremony last night in preparation for her First Communion. I took her into the school gym and helped her find her chair before leaving. As we walked in I saw a lot of the girls from Bird’s soccer team and mentioned it to her. She shrugged and kept looking down. As she sat down in her chair, Erin, a girl she has played soccer with for two seasons, was sitting across from her and said “Hi Bird!”. Bird kept looking down and mumbled hi in response, though I doubt Erin could hear it. Erin looked at her and her face told me she felt rejected herself.

It is painful for me to watch this.



  1. ??? Just shyness or is she having issues with the girls? I know how hard it acn be to deal with young girls. You are never quite sure what to say or do and whether you can help or will just make things worse… hang in there!

  2. I’m sure it is Bird’s shyness. Bird really likes her soccer team mates and Erin, in particular, seems like the least intimidating girl on the team.

    She is also like that with kids at school who say “hi Bird!” to her in the hallway or where ever. I see it all the time when I am there with her. She likes these kids, but she gets really self conscious. Even with her good friends.

    I keep hoping she’ll grow out of it…

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