Posted by: heartfull | April 30, 2008

He’s really…. Something.

In preparation for the First Communion on Saturday, I had my carpets cleaned yesterday. The van had just arrived as I pulled in the driveway from work and as I suspected, Chip was all over that piece of machinery.

“Whaz dat?”

“Well, why?”

“Why he do dat?”

“Well, why?”

“Where’d he go? Me too! I come too!”

“Who! Whaz dat noise? Mom! What dat noise?”

“Well, why?”

The young man smiled and awkwardly attempted to engage Chip in the way 20-something young men with no children of their own tend to do. I knew my afternoon was shot because there was no way Chip was going to let that guy and his various, fascinating pieces of equipment out of his site. And there was no way I could leave Chip alone with the equipment within his reach. Chip ran from truck to cleaning site, over and over trying, I assume, to figure out just what was going on. He examined the tanks and hoses. He watched the spraying and sucking.

And the whole time he talked about it.

As the guy finished up he looked at me said “Wow – he’s really talkative. How old is he?”


“Is that normal for a two year old? I mean, he didn’t really stop talking the whole time I was here and, well, he talked about everything. And he was all over the place.”

Enter tight smile on mom’s part and thoughts of future conversations about dosage with teachers and pediatricians.

Actually, I’m not ready yet to let the observations of a childless 20-something carpet cleaner get me worried. But he is right with regards to the general observation that Chip’s a really busy boy who likes to talk about everything he does. Generally, I take it in stride, answering his questions and his inevitable “Well, why?” response to my answers. But often, by the end of the day, I just want quiet. And luckily, that is right around bedtime.


I did managed to run over to the Catholic Supply store after the carpets were done and pick up a boxed set containing a Rosary and keepsake box.

I also got her a porcelain doll since she is really into her doll collection right now.

I hope she loves it because I debated between that and a statue of some sort. Mine isn’t monogrammed, but I’m thinking that might not be a bad idea.


After the gift buying, I had time to go to the bakery and order the cake. I decided I am sick of the crappy cakes at Sam’s and I wasn’t going to do theirs again. So I paid twice as much at a small, family-owned bakery and, while I don’t know if it will be twice as good, I feel better knowing I’m supporting a local business whose counter woman was nice enough to give my son a free donut to shut him up keep him happy while I finished ordering the cake.


Finally, I picked the girls up from school and we headed over the Ben & Jerrys for free cone day! Whoo hoo!



  1. Enjoy your little talker. I only wish mine were as talkative. Or at least understandable! I do understand the wearing on your nerves that the constant activity and energy can be. Wow.

    I remember when my dd had her first communion. It seems like they are so grownup! Maybe I will have to post a pic of my baby in her dress and veil one day…..

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