Posted by: heartfull | April 29, 2008


We got new bikes on Saturday morning for Bird and John and spiffed up Bird’s old bike for Mare. Which meant we spent the rest of the weekend riding our bikes everywhere and all slept very hard Saturday and Sunday nights.

Bird really needed a 24″ bike, but she liked the color of the 26″ better, it was $70 cheaper and it will last 2 years longer. Sold!

And, actually, she rides it just fine. The bike shop moved the seat all the way down and forward and the handle bars back (how did they do this?) And she is so proud that she is on a 26″-er. That is the first thing she tells everyone.

Mare was disappointed that she was going to have to take Bird’s old 20″ bike, but I could not justify buying a new one. So, we bought new, white grips, a plastic basket, an “I Love My Bike” bell and streamers for the handle bars and suddenly, everything was awesome. I think it was the gravity we gave her situation as opposed to the money spent that made this bike “hers”.

Mare’s bike is blue and much cooler than this

Mare is officially riding without training wheels this spring. She is still wobbly and easily scared, though. She does best on driveways, streets and open areas. The two bike rides we tried to take ended up in tears and lots of walking. I expect, though, that the sidewalk riding, with all the bumps, turns and narrow passages, will be mastered very soon.

Chip is by far my best back-seat bike carrier rider. He doesn’t seem frightened at all, though if I get off he grips my shirt with an iron fist until I get him off. When I put him on initially, he is quick to remind me to put his seat belt and helmet on. Then he yells “faster!” as we ride along the sidewalks.

Not my seat – but you get the idea

That said, I can’t wait until he is independently riding so that I no longer have a handlebar between my butt and my seat. The photo above is from Google images and definitely depicts a nicer model baby carrier than I found at K-Mart seven years ago.

John and I were so excited to find his bike. I had bought a GT Slipstream almost 10 years ago and soon after GT stopped making them. Only after which we decided that John should have gotten one as well. A Slipstream makes riding fun, enjoyable and, most of all, comfortable. I might look like a dork, but I love how it rides.

Anyways, we went to the bike shop to get Bird’s bike and mentioned that we were still searching for something similar to my Slipstream for John. Wait! they said. We have some in the back room. Apparently, they had bought a bunch when GT announced they would be discontinuing them and they just found the old boxes in their storeroom and got them assembled. Score!

World’s Most Comfortable Bike


Mare’s gym had its Mini-Olympics on Saturday evening. It was very cute, though I have no pictures because I used my sister’s camera and apparently I have a very shaky hand. Luckily I was sitting next to an old friend from high school who’s daughter was also in the event, and she snapped a fabulous picture of Mare (after I pointed out which one was mine) with her camera (bigger than my head, I swear) and promised to email it to me.


I’m busy thinking about all the things I should be doing to get ready for the big First Communion we are having this weekend. Twenty guests. Who will be hungry. I’ve done nothing but think, though. Must act. Soon.


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