Posted by: heartfull | April 24, 2008

Mumble Mumble Mumble

What? You didn’t quite catch the title of this post? Apparently I mumble because my children don’t seem to hear half of what I say either. Maybe I should see a doctor? A speech therapist? A wooden spoon whittler? Something, because if this not listening thing is my fault, I really need one of those.

OK. Sometimes they listen. But those times usually require yelling on my part and accusations of being a mean mom on their part. So it doesn’t count.

We had friends over yesterday after school – two sisters, one who is in Bird’s class and the other in Mare’s. I told them they could only go in the basement if they didn’t trash it. They promised. I went down there once and it was fine. But I didn’t check just before or right after the friends left (my bad.) I should have. It was trashed and today is cleaning crew day so mom had to do it (girls were already in bed when we thought to look) or not have the basement cleaned. Grrr.

On a side note, the four girls bickered almost the entire play date about who was going to play where and with what. I don’t think we’ll be doing that again.

I told these girls they could not jump on the trampoline if Chip was on it – they are too heavy. This, I think, was more an issue of Bird’s friend not listening. She seriously ignored me and when I called her on it, she waited until I went in the house and started jumping again. On the bright side, I guess this shows at least one other mother out there has a kid who doesn’t listen.

For the record, I took Chip of the tramp. He shouldn’t be on it if the big kids are anyways. But still? I don’t like this friend.

I also realize I should have taken the friend off the tramp. I didn’t because I was sick of the bickering, which makes no sense here, but it did yesterday afternoon. Yes, I do realize this lack of spine may be the root of my whole problem.

Bird will NOT stop reading at night. I’ll do “bed checks” for a few days and then forget about it and all of a sudden I’m dealing with atrocious behavior and I know it has started again.

I’m thinking that some day I will wish for the days when it was reading that was keeping her up instead of texting or whatever the equivalent will be in 10 years. But still. Right now, I’m sick of it.

Chip is two. He listens. He ignores. Just like his sisters, except he isn’t as savvy about it. Something tells me he’ll learn.



  1. My kids don’t listen to me either. Youa re not alone! LOL As for the reading in bed thing… I ended up having to go in every 5 minutes to check on my dd and make her put the book down. For a while. Then she finally got the point. I also made her go to bed 1/2 hour earlier so that she COULD read in bed for a while. Then when her 1/2 hr was up I would go tell her light sout and say goodnight. Then…. every 5 – 10 minutes I would go and tell her again to put the book down. Eventually she got tired of the fight. Good luck…

  2. Thanks so much for your comments on my post yesteday. I appreciate the thoughts!!

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