Posted by: heartfull | April 10, 2008

The sordid Sister Wendy book

I decided the new coffee table in our family room looked a little plain so I scrounged around the house for some pretty books to put on the bottom shelf to jazz it up a bit.  I found three really cool, over sized books in my basement bookcase: a home decorating book, a soft cover book about Greek Gods that was my sister’s and Sister Wendy’s Odyssey, an absolutely beautiful book by the beloved Sister Wendy of PBS fame.

Emmy told me yesterday that she keeps finding Mare perusing Odyssey.  But perhaps perusing isn’t the right term.  Perhaps I should say scouring.  Mare is specifically looking for the nudes.  She told Emmy it was her favorite book because “it has naked people in it!”  Apparently, Mare is entranced.

That copy of Joy Of Sex I got at a wedding shower 14 years ago and which has languished on my bookshelf ever since?  I’m thinking now might be the time to hide dispose of it.

Mare also noted, while pointing at Sister Wendy, “She looks like a beaver!”  Perhaps we need to work on her tact as well as her appreciation of the human body as art.



  1. A beaver….. hehehehehe…. she said beaver…. hehehehehe

  2. Ha! Well, lets keep in mind that its SISTER Wendy :).

  3. You really have to hear Sister Wendy speak to experience her fully. She has a Julia Child-esque voice and is sweetly fussy.

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