Posted by: heartfull | April 9, 2008


I’m beginning to feel like I live in Snow White’s cabin.  Yesterday was Stubborn, today is Sleepy and tomorrow I might just write about Mare’s alter ego, which I’m thrilled to say I would probably name Happy or Bubbly, but sometimes (but not lately!) Whine-y.  I’m pretty sure that between my three kids, I can cover all seven dwarfs, plus a few extra personality traits, on any give week day.

Bird has been a beast the last few days (was there a dwarf by the name of Beast-y?  Or maybe Hormone-y?)  While talking with Emmy this morning and moaning about how if it is bad now, what will it be like when she is (shudder) a teenager, I connected a few dots and remembered the 10 or so books I pulled from underneath her comforter and inside her pillowcase the other day.  Oh – and Mare mumbled something about having a hard time falling asleep two nights ago because Bird’s reading was keeping her up (I have to admit I don’t get that part.)  Ah – light bulb moment.  She is staying up at night reading again.  And if there is anything Bird needs more than regular amounts of food, it is sleep.

I’m going home today and taking every single book out of her bedroom.  Seriously.  I figure a couple days without them will get the message across.

Now if only I had Snow White’s skin…



  1. Oh yes. My girl used to try to sit up all night reading. I had to remove the books as well. It worked. Now that she is older, she gets a set bedtime. And knows that if I catch her up past a certain time reading…. she is in trouble. She does pretty good policing herself now. Good luck! Isn’t it great having kids that love to read so much that you have to make them stop? I love it….

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