Posted by: heartfull | April 4, 2008


  1. Battlestar Galactica’s third season was just released on DVD and DH and I are obsessed.  We can’t throw the kids in bed fast enough this week…
  2. I’ve been blathering all over the blogosphere about World Market’s All Natural Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bar.  OMG I love this.  Except every once in a while I bite down on an extra large grain of sea salt and that is a little weird.  But overall, thumbs way up.
  3. World Market in general.  In the past month I’ve bought:
    • Easter basket stuff there and there were such cute stuff to choose from.  Chocolate bunnies wrapped in foil that matched my kids’ birthstones, even!  Small chocolates wrapped in yellow foil and attached to duckling cards!  So cute!
    • beautiful new place mats.  They are so pretty I’m reluctant to use them.
    • a new necklace and bracelet – they don’t go together, by the way (I don’t like match-y stuff.)  My wardrobe feels so perky as a result of these very inexpensive pieces.
    • two leather chairs for my family room.
  4. My new game area in my family room.  I saw the idea in one of the billions of magazines I read, but now can’t find it, which is driving me crazy.  So I’m winging it.  But generally, it showed two chairs positioned around a table that could be used for puzzles, games, etc.  A pendant lamp hanging from the ceiling provided lighting.  I loved this idea and John was on board, too.  We don’t have a TV in our family room, so I feel like this really reinforces our values.  I got the chairs from World Market, as referenced above, and the table from Pottery Barn.  These were the “cheapest” options I could find while still feeling that I was buying stuff that would stand up to three kids.  I can’t decide what to do about the pendant lamp – I love the idea and the way it would look, except for the fact that we already have a ceiling fan hanging in this room and it is a fairly small room.  Pottery Barn has a floor lamp right now:
  Floor Lamp

While I love this lamp, I fear it won’t last – too many people trying to move it around, and it is $300 with the shade.  Freaking expensive in my book.  PB has a pendant lamp on sale for $100, though.  But then we have to install it (it is ceiling mounted), which requires access to the attic, which there is no access to right now due to closet renovations.  Anything can be done, of course, but will it end up being more than $300?

Anyways, have a great weekend!



  1. World Market? Never heard of it… sounds like a place I would love. Too bad we only have crappy stores here in MS! LOL

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