Posted by: heartfull | March 18, 2008

Low expectations

Why does every other blogger’s kids seem so incredibly smart?

First I watch Whoorl’s video of her 18 month old recognizing and saying the names of letters of the alphabet that they write on a magic eraser board.

Then today I’m reading Amalah’s description of her son’s verbal/counting/reading skills. Noah can read? Jeez. I’m impressed when Chip hums along to the songs his sister plays on the piano. And doesn’t beat the crap out of my refrigerator.

In a desperate attempt to not become depressed about the intelligence level of my offspring, I tell myself the following:

  1. My kids are doing fine in school.
  2. If I like good blog writing, I probably am reading blogs of really, really, really smart people who produce really, really, really smart kids. And that reflects well on me, right? Obviously I know how to pick my blogs, if nothing else.
  3. Some people exaggerate (though videos don’t lie, and, um, I really don’t think Amy would, but sometimes I wonder about the rest…)
  4. I’m not one to even try to teach my my kids to read or write or do anything besides play nice before the age of 5. In a nutshell, I apparently have really, really low expectations. So what can I expect?

So! I feel better already. How about you?



  1. LOL…. I know how you feel. I get excited when my boy pretends to be a cat and actually meows instead of barking.

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