Posted by: heartfull | March 17, 2008

What ya gonna do with all that junk?

Sunday morning I walked into Bird’s and Mare’s bedroom to find Bird sitting on the floor with a big trashcan next to her, throwing out junk. She looked up quickly and, I could tell, was concerned that Mare might be with me. When she realized that she was safe, she continued to sort, ruthlessly throwing stuff out. I started helping (the trash can was heavy with Mare’s belongings) and listened to her complain that she hated her room. Apparently, it was too messy, but Mare wouldn’t let her get rid of anything. I tried to explain that Mare was younger, that she still had a hard time letting go of things. Eventually, Mare found us and predictably, a big fight ensued, with Mare screaming about anything of hers that Bird was trying to throw away and Bird screaming about how she hated their room.

“I just want my room to look like everyone else’s!”

“I hate my room!”

“I want to be like the other girls!”

Huh. I expected the peer pressure thing to hit someday. But not about the state of her generally picked up, albeit cluttered, room. I told her that I really didn’t believe that her room looks any worse than any of her friend’s. She insisted it did. As a hater of clutter, I have no problem getting rid of crap. In the rest of the house, I am ruthless, throwing out or donating all the time. But their room was a haven for much of what I didn’t want anywhere else and yet couldn’t bring myself to throw away. Young kids are so emotionally attached to everything. Bird seems to be past that stage, but Mare is in the thick of it and that is why the purging of a McDonald’s toy is so agonizing.

Eventually, we got the room organized. They cleaned off the book shelf, each girl taking a shelf and all books consolidated to the last shelf. Art supplies, old drawings, work books and notebooks were removed from the room. They got their hair accessories sorted and neatly put away. Pollys were separated from Littlest Pet Shop figures. The girls actually had a great afternoon working on it together. They even got out cleaning supplies and wiped down their furniture. I had to go in after they were “done” and finish up by taking things downstairs, moved stuff to the closet shelves and throwing out even more. But overall, it looks much better and they deserve the bulk of the praise.

Next they want to paint the walls. Bubbles. Purple and lavender bubbles. With a little input from mom, I think we can make it happen.



  1. I think the bubbles idea is great! My 14 yo DD has, until recently, been unable to throw anything away. I used to go in her room when she was at school and throw things away. Until the day she found the garbage bag and took it all back out. sigh. Now, she is starting to get on the anti clutter bandwagon with me! Yay!

  2. Yeah – I wasn’t sure on the bubble thing at first, but it is the first time they *agreed* on a “theme”. Mare likes to be contrary – or maybe it is just that she has her own ideas, I dunno – but they were at odds as to how we should decorate. I’m thinking a light lavender wall with slightly darker, shaded bubbles will be very cute. Coordinated bedding and new curtains – I think I’ll like it!

    I’ll be sad to see their current walls covered up. I painted the walls a very light yellow and stenciled blue flowers all over with a vine of blue flowers along the top and it sure is bright and cheery. But, they are ready for a change. It *has* been 7 years!

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