Posted by: heartfull | March 13, 2008

Right now

Right now Bird is 8 1/2.

  • She can be sweet and loving, playing beautifully with her brother or sister. She draws beautiful pictures for her mother, composes songs for her dad and creates crafty thank you notes for people who have done something special for her. She loves piano, choir, riding her bike, arts and crafts, American Idol, reading with mom at night and “fancy breakfasts.”
  • She can be moody, yelling at everyone, talking back to her parents, hateful to Mare, impatient with Chip. The other day she yelled at Mare to quit crossing her eyes because it was annoying. Ouch. We can sit down to practice the piano sometimes and it turns into a screaming match. We stop and try again an hour later and it is a completely different experience, with her sometimes asking to go through the session a second time. Same with showers – sometimes she puts her chin to the ceiling so I don’t get soap in her eyes and she gets in and out with out drama. Other times the neighbors must think I use our bathroom as a torture chamber. I never know what to expect.


Right now Mare is 6.

  • She is sweet, cheerful and compassionate. She is working amazingly hard on learning to read and write. She plays wonderfully with Bridget and Chip, depending upon who is available. She also plays quite nicely by herself with Polly Pockets or paper dolls. She loves gymnastics and is also excited about an upcoming soccer clinic she is taking on Sundays in April and May. She has many friends at school, but is sensitive to the dynamics and fluidity that is Kindergarten Friendship.
  • She can whine ceaselessly and likes to proclaim “It’s not fair!” She is an accomplished teaser, knowing just how to push Bird’s buttons and occasionally her mom’s and dad’s. She doesn’t cry, she wails. Loudly.


Right now Chip is 2 1/2.

  • He is active, funny and independent. Very independent. Oh wait – wrong bullet. Anyways. he loves to be outside and likes to go raid the toys of the neighbor who has four boys. I find all kinds of plastic power tools that I never bought in our yard. He loves the trampoline and swinging on “Kaleigh’s Swing”. He loves to ride his tricycle and John Deere battery operated tractor. He likes to sit on the Green Machine and move the handles back and forth while pretending to ride it (only 5 more years, buddy.) He likes to build towers out of blocks and knock them down. He loves his plastic hammer and fixes many things around the house with it, while exclaiming “I knock, mom!” and asking “You come knock with me?” The dents in my new, shiny black refrigerator attest to his skills. Oh – oops, wrong bullet again…
  • He is independent. I said that, right? We hear “I do it!” a lot. We also witness many tantrums caused by people not letting him do it. He is driving John and I crazy with the nursing. He asks whenever he is tired, hungry, sad or happens to glance at my chest. He wants to be heard and gets frustrated when we aren’t listening or don’t understand him. Along the same lines, the boy is loud. Sometimes I think my head is going to explode from all the sounds he emits. He is hard on my house (see refrigerator reference above, and feel free to subsitute nouns like wall, painted trim, side table, etc…)


Right now, I am 37 1/2 and one happy momma when I read all this and think about the great kids I have.



  1. Fabulous example of the duality of children! It sounds like you have great kids. Normal and wonderful!

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