Posted by: heartfull | March 11, 2008

This is it

My running group meets on Saturday mornings for the long run. Running in a group like that gives me the opportunity to talk to a variety of other members, which makes it very fun. There was a “new” woman there who had been doing almost all her training on the treadmill and so, since I joined late, I hadn’t met her before. She was really fun and interesting, and I enjoyed running with her.

Over the last two years she has lost 50 lbs or so and is really into exercise. She had originally gained the weight over the course of four pregnancies and was obviously very pleased to both be done with having kids and to be rid of the extra pounds. Her fourth baby really threw her over the edge – it was unplanned and she was overwhelmed. Now that the youngest is in preschool, she was feeling great, she lost all the weight and was really into exercising, going to the gym every morning after the kids go to school to do aerobics, weights and/or cardio. Additionally, she had joined our group and was training for the half marathon. She kept exclaiming how much she loves the endorphin rush she gets from exercise – which I can totally relate to.

So, while we were running along, she asks me what else I do.

“Ummmm. You mean like exercise-wise?”


“Well, ha ha, um, this is it. You know, I have three kids (crap she has four), I work (crap, raising four kids is work, you idiot), and, uh, we can’t afford a gym membership right now (ha! her husband is a doctor – I’m vindicated!)


But seriously, isn’t running 30 miles a week enough? I barely squeeze in the running and sometimes, in order to make it happen, I’m doing it at 9:00 pm at night which cuts into my sleep which really is a bad thing for me. Also, since I’ve started running regularly, other things in my life have been neglected. I have a hard time getting to the grocery store, the laundry isn’t getting done as regularly, the kitchen floor doesn’t get mopped, I don’t scrapbook as often, I don’t read in the evening as much…

I suppose everything we choose to do in our daily life comes with a cost, no matter how unfair that may be. Right now, though I love me some endorphins, I can only afford one hit a day.



  1. I always hate that feeling like I have to explain myself to others. You do what you can do and that is what is good for you. I really admire you for even being able to do the running thing!

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