Posted by: heartfull | March 3, 2008


That might have been a record for Mare.  That girl was sick.  She vomited all day and night Thursday and Friday.   She was refusing to eat or talk and when I took her to the doctor’s office on Friday morning, she tested positive for strep.

On the way to the doctor’s office Mare cried that she didn’t want to go because she didn’t want a shot.  I reassured her that she would not get a shot.  I promised her that she would not get a shot.  The doctor, I told her, would never give her a vaccine when she was already sick.

She had to get not one, but two shots.

Obviously, the shots were her antibiotics because she was vomiting so violently that there was no way she would keep down liquid medicine.  And they are horrible shots – one on each side of her rear end and they included numbing agents to lessen the pain.  Remember how, when we all had babies and we wished they would just give the medicine as a shot so we didn’t have to deal with the torture of oral meds, but the docs never did this and we wondered why?  Now I know.  They were very painful.  It was horrible.  Gimme the vile tasting liquid any day.

She continued to vomit until Saturday morning.  Anything she tried to consume came right back up.  Finally, the last episode was awful – dark brown with flecks of blood throughout.  But that was it, thank goodness.   She started to feel better and improved steadily throughout the day.

Sunday, Bird woke up with a fever and sore throat.  At least, though, she doesn’t vomit the way Mare does.



  1. Oh, poor Mare. And poor Mama! I feel for you, we just went through this. I hope she is well and truly over it and that Bird does not get it as bad! And you stay healthy too!

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