Posted by: heartfull | February 26, 2008

A sign that I don’t have a preteen. Yet.

At some point I convinced Bird that parting her hair on the side and braiding a small portion at the front from top to bottom was a “Secret Braid.” I love the style – it keeps her hair neatly out of her eyes, yet allows her to feel like it is just down without adornment, her preferred style. When Bird first started sporting the secret braid, John was instructed not to “notice”, and Bird always had fun tricking him. As she has gotten older, she realizes that it actually isn’t all that secret, but we still call it that.

Due to the ice, I didn’t go into work last Thursday, so I washed her hair in the morning and blew it dry then put a secret braid in. After school I asked her if any of her friends had noticed the secret braid. She sighed, rolled her eyes and said “Mom, we don’t talk about hair!”

Not yet, my dear…



  1. Not yet! It will come soon…. now, my 14 yo came home the other day asking about dying her hair…. sigh…

  2. Hair. What is it about hair? I, too, take mine very seriously.

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