Posted by: heartfull | February 19, 2008

Tiny Moments

I had book club last night and thus was running behind this morning. About 6:15 am I was trying to get out the door when I heard Chip wail “momma!” The kid has a sixth sense, I swear. I heard him getting out of bed to look for me and John calling him back. Since I can never leave for work with the sound of crying in my ear, I went back to the bedroom and crawled into bed to nurse and comfort him. He looked at me and said “I miss you!” followed by “I want num-num!”

I heard Bird call out “Mom – I want to say goodbye too!” and the rustle of two little girls scrambling out of bed. Soon we were all cuddled in bed, them in their pajamas and me in my wool skirt, turtleneck and boots, talking about their evening last night since I missed the bedtime routine while at book club.  John complemented the girls, saying they were wonderful since Chip was not. They got home from Bird’s piano lesson and got themselves ready and in bed all by themselves while he put Chip to bed. Finally, I had to get up and leave, though every cell in my body wanted to put my pajamas back on and cuddle with my family.

I walked out the bedroom door, looking at the sight of all four of them cuddled in bed, talking about the upcoming day. It was beautiful.


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