Posted by: heartfull | February 13, 2008


My sweet baby girl turned six on Saturday. So incredibly hard to believe. Mare is an amazing thing: full of energy, sharp as a tack.


I got up Saturday morning and kissed the girls before I left to meet my running group at 7:00 am. On mile 5 I realized that I had not said “Happy Birthday” to her. I wished I could have a do-over.

The whole school turned out for her first birthday party. OK, no, not really. It was actually the fun fair, but Mare liked the idea of it being her birthday party. Bird did not think that was funny in the slightest, for the record.

After the fun fair, we opened gifts because John and I wanted to make use of one of them. We had gotten her a kite, and it was a perfect day – windy and sunny, albeit chilly. We threw coats on the kids and went to the park and had a wonderful time – the kite soared, though Mare was frantic, worrying that it was going to fly away. She kept asking us to get it down.


After the park, we went to Red Robins for the traditional birthday burger, ended with a sundae and singing. Mare beamed.


Sunday was the big party. In the midst of getting ready, I went down in the basement, noting a foul odor. I found the shower floor covered in, um, black stuff. OMG. I freaked out. In short, we moved the party to my parents’ house and everything went relatively smoothly. Ten little girls can make a heck of a lot of noise. For the record.

Ten Little Girls

To quell that noise, we started the party out with two foam crafts (so bad for the environment, so awesome for my sanity), followed by games of Giggle Belly, Freeze and Charades. Then it was on to gift opening (lots of play make up, Webkinz, craft kits and Polly Pocket/Littlest Pet Shop paraphernalia.) Lastly, we ate cake and ice cream, though one friend informed me that though she liked the ice cream, the cake was really gross. Very dry. Luckily, this baker has a sense of humor coupled with the knowledge that Pillsbury just couldn’t have screwed up the mix that badly.

Really Gross Cakefebruary-115.jpg

Mare, you are my little ball of sunshine. You are happy and sweet. You tease mercilessly. You are full of kisses and hugs. You whine. Mostly though, you roll with the punches and stand up loving life. I love every one of those qualities and look forward to watching you grow.

Right now you love:

  • Your friends in Kindergarten
  • Webkinz
  • Gymnastics
  • Paperdolls
  • Learning to read
  • Taunting Bird
  • Lip gloss, blush and body glitter
  • Playdates with your friends
  • Movie and a pizza nights
  • Reading with mom at bedtime


Mare: I know what 5 + 4 equals!

Me: Really, what?

Mare: 9!

Me: Wow, Mare, how did you know that?

Mare: Well, 4+4 equals 8 and 5+5 equals 10. So, it must be 9, because 10 minus 2 is 8.

Me: (thinking) Oh my freaking crap.

Me: (saying) Yep, your right, sweetie.


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