Posted by: heartfull | February 5, 2008

Circus Family

Mare loves the gymnastics classes she started in January.  I’m not surprised – she is so social, and gymnastics is very much a team sport.  Plus, two of her good friends at school are members of “Future Stars” at the same gym, meaning they are in an accelerated program.  One of them is apparently very good.  I have seen her do hand stands and head stands and I can definitely vouch for her balance – she can hold a headstand for as long as she chooses and was choosing to do so for over 10 minutes last year in preschool.  Anyways, Kate and Grace have been giving Mare pointers, and I think she loves that.  Mare loves being part of the group.

Yes, yes, this scares me slightly.  Always has with regards to Mare because I have seen this tendency in her for years, long before preschool confirmed my suspicions..  Ergo, we have many talks about making the right choices and not always going along with the crowd.

I went to her class on Thursday morning and had a great time watching her.  The kid isn’t afraid of anything and she listens and does what the coach tells her to do.  Plus?  She skips.  She skips from one activity to the next or to get back in line to take her turn again.  The girl skips because she is so darned happy to be there.  Melts my heart.

Her favorite activity is “the pit.”  They have a springboard set in front of a 6′ pit of foam cubes.  The kids run and bounce off the springboard into the pit of foam, then climb out and get in line again.  She is fearless.


Last night Mare, Chip and I went down in the basement to practice gymnastics while John took Bird to piano lessons.  Mare showed off her cartwheels and handstands for a good half hour.

Not to be outdone, Chip insisted on taking his turns too, doing somersault after somersault.  His somersaults are basically flips because his head is still too big in relation to his arms to do a traditional somersault.  So, he lunges, tucks his chin in and flips over, landing on his back.  And then he sits up and looks at me with a big grin on his face and says “I do it!”

And yes, they got me on the floor and laughed and laughed as momma and her big ‘ol butt tried to do a couple of somersaults.  I can’t believe how awkward my 37 year old body feels doing things like that. Bummer.


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