Posted by: heartfull | February 4, 2008

The lunchbox is full

It is incredibly hard to find something to feed Bird for lunch. Because of this, we had fallen into the habit of letting her buy lunch every day at school. This is a bad habit, especially when she comes home telling me that today was her favorite lunch day – corn dogs.

Basically, she doesn’t like any type of cold sandwich at all. Not even peanut butter and jelly. Back at the beginning of the year, all sandwiches were coming home uneaten and she was a beast on the way home , starving and ready to bite my head off for being her mother instead of a granola bar. So, I started letting her buy a couple times a week, when it looked like something she might like. That mushroomed into every day, though. Easy, yes, but are the easy things we do as parents ever actually the best choice?

I broke down this weekend and bought GoGurts. I had resisted due to the high-fruitcose corn syrup. But they have protein, dairy and she likes them. Why can’t I buy Horizon organic yogurt sticks? They have them at Panera, so I know they are available, at least wholesale. I’m betting California moms have them in their grocery store.

Lunch today is a GoGurt, banana, bagel chips, carrot and two Trader Joe’s oreo-style cookies. Not too bad. Better than chicken nuggets, for sure.


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