Posted by: heartfull | February 1, 2008

More math and “reading”

Score!  Bird knocked 15 seconds off her flashcard time last night.

Oh yeah.  And the “reading”.  Mare has been doing really well I thought.  Then, last night she “read”  Puppy Mudge Makes a Friend with her eyes closed.  Um, yeah.  That is what I’m suspecting too.  I guess there is a reason she wants me to read the book to her first.  Putting a positive spin on it, I guess it is a good thing that my child apparently has a photographic memory.  But reading?  Not yet.



  1. FYI`- I made Mare read the back page of the book last night. She did pretty well!

    I wonder how her overnight is going. I feel somewhat out of sorts not having her in the house. I guess that’s what empty nest syndrome will feel like.

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