Posted by: heartfull | January 28, 2008


My friends and I used to eat out quite often (pre-kids, of course) and we almost always headed to one of our favorite Asian restaurants. Our policy, when ordering was always “n-1”, n being the number of women eating and the answer being the number of dishes to order. It worked well. I have decided that this equation also works well when deciding the ideal number of children to have in my charge at any given moment.

Three kids at the grocery store? Nightmare. Two? Dare I say fun?

Three kids at church? Nightmare. Two? Serenity.

Three kids at home? Chaos. Two? Pleasant.

When we only had one or two kids, I would have written the exact same post. It is all relative, obviously. I don’t know if this equation holds true when you have more kids than I do, but I would imagine it might hold up for four. Past that, you’ll have to figure out your own equation.

This means, of course, that I spend a lot of time trying to pawn one of my kids off on someone else. I set up play dates, I convince grandma that she misses them, and most importantly, I tell John that he is not allowed to go anywhere alone; luckily, all three kids love the hardware store as well as the barber shop.

And if the stars align and I end up with two gone? Ah – shear bliss.


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