Posted by: heartfull | January 28, 2008

Durned good Blog’n

I love me a good blog. I think I might go so far as to say I’m addicted. A work schedule of 6 am to 12 pm means that I have little time to read the blogs I love, though. I pretty much have to go to bed when the kids do in order to be up before the chickens each morning. And though I’m home in the afternoons, toddlers are notorious for resenting anything that competes for their mother’s attention, including the laptop. This means that I must be choosy about the blogs I read.

I have only two criteria for regular blog reading:

A premise that interests me. Over the past four years, I have come to realize that I am pretty boring, because my premises seem to be limited to two topics (so sad!): Parenting and Cooking. For evidence of this, see my blogroll.

More important than the premise, though, is the talent. Once again, this can be further broken down:

The cooking blog’s talent seems to be centered around good recipes, of course, but that is a given. Going further, my criteria are pretty pictures (Simply Recipes) or pretty pictures AND good writing (Smitten Kitchen.) Hmmm…David Lebovitz is kind of a food/travel blog which threatens my statement that I only do cooking/parenting blogs. Might have to delete him. Tried. Can’t – he is too good.

Parenting blogs are all about the talent. Please, no pretty pictures and paragraphs about how amazing the kids are; all our kids are cute and smart. But not all of us can write (do you detect hypocrisy here? Because I have posted pretty pictures and many paragraphs about my amazing kids? But, um, you would be wrong; there is no hypocrisy because I totally know I’m not a writer, ergo I can go the pretty picture/bragging route. It is so freeing to be mediocre.)

The women who write the mommy blogs I love blow me away. I’m humbled by their words. They are original, their thoughts are organized and they are funny when appropriate in the most original way possible. Basically, they have serious talent. The best? That would have to be Alice at Finslippy. No contest.

All that was to say, I’m glad you are back, Alice. This reader missed you.


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