Posted by: heartfull | January 25, 2008

Channelling Tyra

It was a blast! The girls and I loved every minute.

The event was at a new facility in the old warehouse district of St. Louis. A place I wouldn’t have dared to set foot in 15 years ago but which is now so hip, so cool, so trendy – it is truly amazing. Anyways, Lumen was very cool, with white cloth hanging from 30 foot windows and swathed in lights changing from blue to pink and back again.

Emmy, her husband and her mom were already there when we arrived. Emmy was very, very helpful. She knew what her sister wanted and helped me get the girls back to the dressing area and figure out when and where we should be.

The dressing area was a tent set up against the far wall. The stylists and make up artists were in the attached bathroom, crowded amongst stalls and urinals, thankfully clean ones. Alive wasn’t quite ready for the girls yet when we arrived, so we walked around the main floor, sampling fancy appetizers and desserts that hopeful vendors were offering. A woman was demonstrating her cake decorating skills and gave Mare a piece of bright green fondant, which, thankfully, Emmy took away from her before she could stain her mouth green.

The food was delish, though a little too complex for the girl’s pallet. They actually rejected these very scrumptious desserts after a few bites:


That is Emmy with the girls; she and I didn’t mind helping them out with the rejected food. Let’s just say I ate a little more than I meant to – I just couldn’t let it all got to waste…

After the stylists finished the models’ hair, they called in Bird and Mare. I was busy gabbing with Emmy’s mom, so missed the very begining, but Emmy hustled the girls in there and they got started. The stylist brushed, straightened and curled their tresses for quite a while. I found it amazing how tolerant they are of tugging when it isn’t mom with the brush. Mare got a “messy” updo that was adorable. Bird’s was done in two loose braids on each side which met in back and were tucked in to look like one solid, continuous braid.


Mare - stylist

After hair and lip gloss, we got the girls dressed, and they waited patiently for their turn to shine.


Lumen was a long facility with three columns that the models were walking on either side of. Bird and Mare kicked off the fashion show, walking as flower girls down the “runway”, around the last column and back to the tent. They were given baskets filled with rose petals to scatt as they walked. Alive wanted one girl to toss to the left and one to the right and Bird was very conscientious of this and focused all her energy (and nervousness) on making sure that the petals were scattered correctly. I love that oldest child thing!

The pictures of them walking through the crowd were too grainy to post. Suffice it to say the crowd “ahhhed” when they walked out and the petals were scattered just so. There was music playing and lights flashing everywhere. It was very dramatic. Emmy admitted that she teared up when the girls walked out. I was too busy cursing at my camera for running out of disk space just minutes beforehand and trying to fumble with the video camera at the same time to be too emotional.

Afterwards, the girls watched the models come out from the the edge of the tent.


Bird was pretty tired by the end of the night:


Mare wanted to get out of her dress – it was itchy. She was hilarious as she scratched and pulled at the bodice because it was so “5” and she had been trying to act mature all evening. When I went to change her though, I walked back into the bathroom portion of the dressing area and she would have nothing to do with that. She wanted to change in the tent where all the models had been changing all evening. So cute, so Mare.

At the end, a very kind woman gave Mare and Bird each a rose, which capped off the evening perfectly. I can honestly say I was proud of them – they definitely earned their angel wings that evening.




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