Posted by: heartfull | January 23, 2008

Pretty pictures

…are so hard to come by when you have to try and get three kids to cooperate. My new header photo is from two Christmas’s ago. Gah.

The nice thing is that it was taken before Bird lost her baby teeth. My MIL and husband thought it was awful that I was dreading the loss of her baby teeth. I believe, now, that that is because they were not fully familiar with my family’s teeth. My front teeth were not buck-y, not terribly crooked, but definitely large. And Bird inherited them. For some reason, I could tell my teeth were what was going to erupt from her gums. Of course, she is still my beautiful Bird. But the photos, well, they tend to be a little toothy these days. It will all be fine once the side teeth extend fully, which they are doing, slowly but surely.

Mare, I think, is going to tend more towards John’s side. I could be wrong, though. People are constantly saying she looks just like me, so who knows.



  1. I quite like this look for your blog! And I understand the difficulty og getting a good pic of all 3 kids at once. Mine never cooperate either!

  2. Thanks!

    I didn’t realize how much I was hating the old one until I did this. I keep opening it up and just staring and the soothing colors.

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