Posted by: heartfull | January 23, 2008

Catwalk Babies

Bird and Mare are going to be in a fashion show tomorrow night. Emmy mentioned it was a possibility earlier this week, but it wasn’t for sure until today.

Emmy’s sister works at Alive magazine and was involved in the coordination of a bridal fashion event this Thursday. She suggested a couple of flower girls would be fun to open the show and her coworkers loved the idea. Enter Bird and Mare.

Having just served as flower girls for Emmy this past May, we have the outfits, complete with slippers and angel wings. I had to rush the dresses over to the dry cleaners this evening as they still had chocolate cake on them. Hey – I didn’t think we would ever use them again.

Potentially problematic is the fact that I didn’t try the dresses on the girls before taking them to the cleaners. The wedding was just last May… Then again, that’s 8 months… Well, its all we have – they’ll have to suck it in.

We are supposed to arrive at 7:00 so that a stylist can do their hair (!). The girls will be thrilled – they’ll be getting their hair done by the same stylists and in the same room as all the “other” models. They are supposed to kick off the fashion show at 8:00 pm by walking down the aisle in their flower girl dresses just before the wedding-dress clad models.

This is all happening well past their bedtime, but I guess we’ll just have to suffer the consequences on Friday – I’m wouldn’t even try to make them leave until the whole thing is over at 9:00.


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