Posted by: heartfull | January 18, 2008

Wham bam thank ya m’am

Huh. This having a boy thing? It is different. It is just like they described. It is just like I observed. I expected and dreaded it. And yet? I’m enthralled.

Chip likes to walk around the house with his foam-covered baseball bat and hit things. Walls, chairs, sofas, toys, mom’s rear. He doesn’t do it too much to where I think we potentially have one of those kids. But he does it. Even with the foam my painted walls have in increasing number of chips in them.

When he gets excited, he likes to fling himself on the floor from a run, so that he slides. He did this at the girls’ school the other day when faced with another little boy of about the same age. He looked at Aaron, watched Aaron run to a door and back, and, I’m assuming, every atom in his body started to buzz. The energy built up until he just couldn’t stand it and so he ran all out for 20 feet down the hallway and then took a flying dive, skidding along the linoleum. Never have I seen this phenomenon, ever, in my other two, which just so happen to be girls.

While visiting his (boy) cousins over New Years, he spent much of his time throwing himself on top of one of them. If they happened to already be wrestling, Chip was thrilled and added an “arghhhhh” for affect.

He jumps. He was getting both feet off the ground from standing at 18 months. Now, he catapults himself off everything, constantly challenging himself. He’ll do one stair, climb back up and try two stairs and so on until mom eventually freaks out and tells him no higher. He’ll say “dat hurt feet” and do it again.

He loves to get on the floor and wrestle with me, John or his sisters. I imagine that eventually he will be all elbows and knees when I play with him, as I observed in my nephews 10 years ago. It scared me then.

I was relieved when my first two were girls. When I conceived a third time, I was set for another girl. I thought I liked my toddlers calm and gentle and imagined my family of three girls in very soft, muted shades of pastel with matching hair bows. When John announced a boy in the delivery room, I was flustered. Boy? What would I do with a boy? I had just bought a twin-over-full bunk bed so that all three girls could room together indefinitely. I was scared of all the roughness; all the elbows and knees.

But then I looked at Chip and held him and nursed him and oh my goodness, the possibilities seemed limitless. And they remain that way.

While he is most definitely a boy, and does the boy things every day that scared the living tar out of this mother of two girls, the reality is that he is so much more than those actions. Each of those actions represents a quality in him that I adore, a quality I have never been privy to before. I feel so lucky.



  1. You took the words right out of my mouth!

  2. What a wonderful post. I agree with all of it!

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