Posted by: heartfull | January 17, 2008

He Speaks!

Chip is talking up a storm now.  He tells me things.  Long, complicated ideas like “bat hit my head here” or “I carry for you – heavy….humph!” or “I play with Mare down!”

Sometimes he still likes to tell me “no” or “I do it” or “what the hell were you thinking, woman, putting the soap, Oxy-clean and fabric softener in the washing machine, that is my job!”  But, actually, most of our conversations these days are just that – conversations about his thoughts and ideas that I find fascinating because, well, I am his mom.

He has an excellent sense of humor.  No examples off the top of my head, but trust me.  He is funny.

Also?  Listening to him, I can tell that he thinks certain phrases are all one word.  I’ll be sad when that goes away.

Chip asks a lot of questions.  Constantly.  I do not believe, as John does, that Mare asked this many questions at two.  I know Bird didn’t (she was very quiet, being a first born and all.)

If he hears an unfamiliar noise, he startles, and says “Whasdat?”  We have many unfamiliar noises these days, what with two houses in our neighborhood in the process of being renovated.  If John and I laugh about something, Chip frantically asks “What?  What?  What?” and physically puts his face in front of mine and repeats “What?” until I give him an explanation.  Walking along the road, he points to every tree, bush, and plant and asks “Whatsdat”.  Or sometimes he points to each car as it drives by, asking “Whasdat?” and wanting me to recite car, suv, truck, suv, van, car, van, van, dump truck, van, car, bus, etc…

All those studies that magazines like to tout about how many questions the average 4 year old asks?  I never really got why it was such a big deal.  I think I’m going to find out.



  1. The thing that gets me about Chip is that he understands subtle humor. A raised eyebrow elicits belly laughs out of the little guy. I don’t remember that with the other two

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