Posted by: heartfull | January 16, 2008

Girl Scout Cookie Time

Bird has a goal. At first, the goal was 60 boxes so she could earn the Water Bottle w/Bag incentive. I was pleased with this as I knew that we would sell that many, no problem. The draw of the stuffed Show Dog w/Pillow, though, has proven to be too much and she is now setting her sights on 160 boxes. That is a lot of boxes. And Bird has become obsessed.

Yesterday we had an extra 15 minutes before we had to leave for choir, so of course we had to sell. We went to three houses in a neighborhood across the street from ours and sold nothing. You know, I just think that if an 8 year old knocks on your door in 34 degree weather and politely asks if you would like to buy cookies, you should go ahead and order a box, even if another little girl came by the day before. It is $3 people. Share the love.

Today we are trying a different street and I hope for my sake that we sell at least a box or two. I can’t stand any more tears over it. I know, though, that Bird is learning a valuable lesson, even if it is torture for me to watch.



  1. I bought two boxes of thin mints from a woman’s daughter at work, but I’m secretly hoping some girls come by the house this weekend.

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