Posted by: heartfull | January 14, 2008

Contemplating the cost of music

I have complained many times about the cost of Bird’s choir. Writing a check for $400 so Bird could sing with about 30 other 2nd graders felt a little over the top, especially when I had never heard her sing a note in tune in her life. Bird really wanted to do it, though, and I have always regretted my lack of vocal skills. So, I paid my $400 and we have been tromping to choir every Tuesday evening for the past four months.

Now I just have to say wow. Wow! The child sounds beautiful. I guess I have to admit that I think it was well worth it and I hope Mare does it as well. Ahem. Yes. They both must do it! Because it is a wonderful experience and I would always give my children the same opportunities (while secretly hoping that someone will pick some really cheap activity to love, though that doesn’t seem to be working out.  Embroidery!  Why isn’t anyone loving embroidery???)

Anyways, yes, I definitely will encourage Mare to sign up for choir.  My brain, though, keeps getting stuck on the following math equation, and though math has nothing to do with singing, I think you’ll get it if I spell it out very clearly: Bird + Mare = $800 freaking dollars. OMG.  And that doesn’t even take into account piano (obviously we have other activities, like dance and gymnastics, but this post is about music, dear reader.)

Bird was 7 1/2 when she started piano, and I plan to wait until Mare is that old as well, which just so happens to coincide with her entry into 2nd grade and subsequent eligibility for the Choir. Sigh.

The thought of forking out the money for two of them to do these two very worthwhile activities is enough to give me the vapors.


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