Posted by: heartfull | January 10, 2008

Family fun at our house.

John brought home a Whoopie Cushion from some conference a couple weeks ago (those tech heads are so sophisticated!)  The girls thought it was hilarious and had had great fun tricking us for a couple days.  Chip, though, has bonded.  He’ll sit on it, listen to the noise and say “Ha ha – Gahs!”  I wish I knew how to put video up, because hearing Chip say the word “gas” is adorable.  He sounds like a upper-crust New England native, but then you realize the word is the polite form of fart and you just know that those snotty New Englanders would never utter that word in that context.

I know I should throw it out, but it brings him such joy, I can’t bare to do it.  I have a lot of fun watching my kids have fun, even if it involves amateurish fart jokes.

A couple nights ago John sat down to the dinner table and faked “gas” but instead of sounding like a whoopie cushion, it had a tinny quality.  He was so excited to show us his key fob, which had six different fart sounds (it was given to him by a coworker.)  I’m sitting there thinking that this definitely crosses some line.  Bird wasn’t sure if she should find it funny or not.  Mare laughed her head off.  Chip insisted he must hold it, and then when someone else wanted it, he threw it on the ground a broke it.  I was relieved because I was beginning to think that we were going to loose our invitation to Peggy Post’s Valentine’s Day Tea at this rate.

In related news, Chip was very “gahssy” yesterday.  Every time the poor kid moved he passed it.  What can I say – his intestinal discomfort made us giggle all night.


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