Posted by: heartfull | January 9, 2008

No advice to give

I have three neighbors who have girls about Chip’s age. No little boys, though there is a family at the intersection of our road and the next with two little boys that I hope to meet in a couple years. I can’t imagine gender would matter for a while anyways, so I’m hoping that Chip ends up playing with Kayleigh, Ally and Ashley.

Kayleigh, who is about 4 months younger, has a swing hanging from a high tree branch in her front yard and Chip loves for me to take him to “Kay’s swing”. On Monday, when I did just that, Kristen (mom) and Kayleigh were sitting outside and, as we talked, it was revealed that Chip has been potty trained for a couple months and Mare was trained 6 months earlier than him. Kristen was amazed and started asking me for ideas. I politely got out of it because, actually, I don’t really think I did anything special. Certainly nothing that she hasn’t already read about in every parenting magazine out there. IMO, it’s mostly about the kid.

Part of me wonders, though, if starting earlier and my lack of aversion to bodily functions helps. Mare and Chip spent a good portion of their early toddler days diaperless. Like from 20 months on. There was a lot of pee (and more poop than I care to admit) deposited on my floors. Thankfully I only have carpet in one room on our main floor. But I figured it all cleans up. This freedom was allotted to them much earlier than Bird. I did this with Bird, but not until she “seemed” ready at about 2.5 or 2.75. More likely, I waited until I, as a mother, thought she was ready – but I think we tend to underestimate our toddler’s abilities. That is a good thing for the most part as it keeps us amazed by their brilliance. Quite honestly, though, I think that age is harder to train. They are more set in their ways. More, well, two.

Mare and Chip also got demonstrations. We’ll leave it at that, but I made sure they knew that everyone pees and everyone poops.

Anyways, none of this is new. It has all been spelled out a million times. When it comes down to it, every parent has to muddle through because every kid is different.


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