Posted by: heartfull | January 7, 2008

How I get my playlists

I was out running my “long” run on Saturday (did I say I’m “training”?)  and thinking that, while I love listening to NPR, I might be more motivated to run faster by some music.  Maybe.  But, since I have a Sanyo MP3 player instead of an iPod, I have always had difficulty downloading anything.  It just is not intuitive.   My MP3 has an FM receiver, so I just listen to the radio.  Very uncool.  Not that I really care about being cool.  But it is a poor use of technology.

As I ran, I was thinking that I need to start making a list of the music I would put on my ideal playlist.  Ohhh (I thought), that one I heard at the grocery store last night would definitely be on it.  Oh – and that other one they played.  So would it!  Heck, I think, I could just hang out at the grocery store for a while and write down most of my list, I bet, because they are always playing my favorite songs.

And then it struck my, at around mile 3.5, just how sad my plan was.

My 16 year old self, who bought the most alternative CDs she could get, who hung out at all the small venues featuring live alternative  music, who wore clunky shoes with thigh high stockings and short skirts, jackets and bright red lipstick?  The one who made most of her own clothes because she just couldn’t find skirts in the exact right style?  Who pined to move to NYC so she could be closer to the music and fashion she loved?  She is stabbing out her eyeballs right now.




    I am laughing with you and AT MySELF. This is almost exactly what I was thinking earlier this week. As I watched my 13 yo go off to school and winced at what she was wearing. And realized that 15 years ago? I was probably wearing almost the exact same outfit….. sad.

    I have no idea how I found your blog. I was just surfing. But I like it! Thanks for the laugh!

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