Posted by: heartfull | January 4, 2008

No Gotta Have Its Here. Yet.

I had three moms come over two nights ago to plan our next Brownie meeting. Towards the end, two of them were talking about how they had scored tickets to live performances of Hannah Montana and High School Musical, both coming to St. Louis in the near future. They were laughing about how their daughters were begging them to go and how lucky they felt to have gotten the tickets. Huh. Begging? No one in our house is even aware that there are shows coming to town (though I’m sure I might here something about it in the near future.) When I said this, they both looked at me like Bird must be some sort of freak.

I wondered in my head why Bird doesn’t even ask me to go see these shows. Is she immature for her age? I dont’ think so – she gets along with the girls at school. She loves the original HSM (the second version – not so much.) She liked Hannah Montana songs, thought when I took her over to grandma’s last week to actually see the show, she didn’t like the show. Wait a minute (I thought to myself.) The fact that I have to take Bird to Grandma’s to actually see a Disney show is probably a big part of the reason why she doesn’t know about these expensive musicals and concerts. We don’t have cable, and the kids pretty much only watch PBS or movies. Basically, they don’t see commercials.  Apparently, I’m not alone as evidenced by this recent post over at OMSH.

Yes, yes and yes to her post. We do technology, though really in our family that means we just have computers. No one has asked for video game devices or MP3’s, and I’m cheap so I don’t offer. The girls love Webkinz.  We do relatively small amounts of TV, but we do watch it. Just not every day. We do family movie nights on Fridays. We do movies in the van. Often. Because mom likes her sanity.

I don’t care what other people do.  I don’t think it makes me a better parent – sometimes when they are driving me crazy and I start yelling, I wonder if this is truly better for them.  Then I turn on the TV.   I do think it makes my life easier on the whole, though, and I’m all for that.

I’ll hold out on all the commercialism as long as I can, thank you very much.



  1. I’m giving you a high five and an AMEN! :)

    Commercials are the spawn of materialism. Wow, that sounds so drastic. Okay, maybe they aren’t, but I also won’t have to worry about my son slobbering over Victoria’s Secret commercials.

    Gah, half the women on TV are naked now.

    blah blah blah
    I’m gonna get off the soapbox now.
    heh heh

  2. With a small blog like this I can say more than you can with out risk of being attacked :).

    Yesterday, I used Mr. Rogers quite effectively. Three kids falling apart, me trying to make dinner. Perfect use of technology.

    And heck, isn’t it great when an EIGHT year old doesn’t mind watching Mr. Rogers? When they haven’t been exposed to Disney, they are a lot more open to more gentle programs. Mr. R’s field trip was to the neighborhood juggler and all three kids (8.5, almost 6 and 2) were fascinated.

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